About Me

niti /ni-ti/ noun.
1. of water

Hey, thanks for stopping by. A little about myself:

Suhasini Yeeda is passionate about words.
In every academic and professional aspect of her life, communication has always been at the core. Suhasini has 11 years of experience in writing and editing for a variety of literary magazines, nonprofits, academics, creative writers, and small businesses. She earned her BA in English from Texas Wesleyan University and her MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College. 

These academic and professional experiences alone are not what makes Suhasini a strong choice for your communication needs. As a professional creative writer, she has spent most of her life in pursuit of the perfect sentence. Her creative work has been nominated for three distinguished literary awards including The Pushcart Prize, Best American Short Stories, and Best of the Net. Suhasini was recently named a 2021 California Arts Council Emerging Artist Fellow.

Suhasini believes in the power of words, that ideas turn to words, and that those words have the potential to make meaningful change. However, without the right words, how do you truly communicate your creative, academic, or business ideas? If we cannot communicate those needs, how do we grow? That’s where NITI Communications steps in. 

Suhasini knows when language seems too stiff, too abstract, or generic. She has developed an acute attention to detail from her years of editorial work with literary magazines. Her six years as an educator gifted her a lifelong passion for learning new things. Her years in nonprofit resulted in strong interpersonal skills with the ability to navigate the dissimilar communication from board members to potential constituents.

She has experience creating press releases, newsletters, social media posts, pamphlets, and digital flyers for small business professionals. She’s created and maintained websites, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. She’s developed in-depth marketing plans using SEO strategies to optimize business growth.

This invaluable experience helps inform how she helps you build your small business.

Suhasini started NITI Communications because she wants to help you find the words to your dreams.