Communications Consulting

At NITI Communications, we provide communications support to small businesses as well as academic and creative professionals.

Do you have a small business? We can handle your internal and external media releases. This could be press releases, email newsletters, physical or digital flyers, web blogs, or social media posts.

Do you have a website but you’re not pleased with it? We can reorganize and rewrite content, format images, and do anything necessary to improve clarity and flow. Need a website for your new business? We can create a small to midsize website to help support your business with PayPal plugins to provide a quick and easy payment module for your services provided.

Marketing Plans & Social Media

At NITI Communications, we work with you to discover your target audience and use SEO strategies to keep you engaged with the communities you serve.

Know your target audience but not sure where to get started? We develop in-depth marketing plans for 1, 3, and 5 year goals.

Copywriting & Copy Editing

Do you need help making your written materials A+? Do you need to get that story or essay draft publication ready? At NITI, we’re here to help your words and ideas shine.

Are you a college or vocational student? We review your work. We help students think about how they might revise their writing. We review student papers, ask questions about those papers to help students clarify their focus, organize their writing, and support their ideas.

Are you a creative writer? We review your creative work and offer suggestions to get your prose ready for publication. We also offer resource support to writers looking for the right magazine to publish their creative work.

Examples of My Work:

Breezy Mountain Leather Co. – Newsletter 2021

Dogs Gotta Run – Digital Brochure 2021

Royal Diagnostix LLC – Print Flyer and Poster 2021

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